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For Medianoa, design and creation are processes whose sole purpose is to solve a problem. Clients hire us to build amazing products and services; our passion, combines all forms of communication and creates a clear and useful message.
Understanding companies and helping them grow is our goal. We like to solve problems. If your business aims to generate more sales, gain potential customers or subscribers, do not hesitate. Medianoa is the solution.

id, ego and super-ego

My name is Gerard, I'm a freelance designer for hours and CEO of Medianoa. With over 15 years of experience in user-centered design and marketing, my purpose is to solve business problems using the intersection between the world, the physical and the service.

My strength as a developer lies in my empathic fascination for understanding people and their problems. I am a process-oriented, practical and retail creator who always seeks the benefit of the client.

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